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Frequently Asked Questions


We have a lockdown period of 5 years, June 2019- June 2024. Shareholders will continue to fund the company’s long-term investments. New shareholders are welcome but they will pay a joining fee + catchup fee equal to the contributions made to date.

The lockdown period is mainly to raise additional capital through short-term investments in preparation for long term investments post 5 years towards asset ownership.

The board of director will inform shareholders about the performance of the company after conducting the solvency and the liquidity ratios, thereafter a collective decision will be made about the strategic plan.

No claims are permitted during this period. Shareholders may exit voluntarily, however, they will forfeit their contributions.

The AGM is held annually within 6 months after the financial year end in June.

Kopano Collective Pty Ltd Reg. No. 2020/259293/07 is a registered company.

The directors of the company are the elected board of directors of Kopano Collective Stokvel as mandated by the Constitution of the Stokvel. The company is 100% owned by all members of the stokvel. The directors can change as and when a new board is elected to represent all shareholders.

Share price will depend on valuation, however our share price at the time of this print is R1 per share. Share certificates will be issued at the end of the 5 year lockdown period to ensure that accurate number of shares are allocated to shareholders based on their total contribution.

Our monthly contributions are administered by Stokfella Pty Ltd. When you join our organization, Stokfella provides you with banking details and reference number by email. Shareholders must contact them directly on matters relating to the platform at info@stokfella.com or 011 568 3497.

The shareholder has to submit a beneficiary form of the rightfully nominated beneficiary who is responsible for their estate. The beneficiary may choose to continue with contributions, if not, they will receive any payments due only after the lockdown period. All necessary documentation will be required for payouts.

We have a private facebook group open for all to join and a telegram group for shareholders only.

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